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Like two planets about to collide, the forces of classic and modern pop are being pulled together, only to be blown apart by the dynamic duo known as The Retrogradez.


Originally from Ottawa, singer-songwriter Melanie Hanniman and producer Alex Urdininea (a.k.a. Beatcotheque) first began writing music together in high school, bonding over a shared love of timeless pop, offbeat philosophy, and Timbaland. Now based in Toronto, their music is shaped by earworm, colourful hooks, danceable, percussion-soaked grooves, and lyrical themes that defy the moods established by their pop counterparts.


Their debut single, “Moment”, is infused with a tropical hook, and the deceptively blithe party-anthem about escaping one’s problems through living perpetually “for the moment,” hints at the true terror of running from the emptiness within.


As for what’s next, The Retrogradez are putting the finishing touches on their first EP, due out in 2021.

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