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Hi everyone, my name is Alex. I’m a piano player from Toronto and I go by the producer name Beatcothèque. My songs are an experimental blend of bluesy synth sounds, electronic pop, funky bass lines and alternative RnB. Sprinkled with a dash of jazz and hip-hop beats. I often co-write my tracks with other singers, spearheading as the producer. Some are close friends and collaborators, while others are like-minded artists from across the globe that I connected with through the magic of social music apps and Instagram comments.

As for my music background, I studied classical piano growing up and went to Humber College to learn jazz performance and theory. I then graduated from Recording Arts Canada in their Sound and Music Recording program.


My musical influences are all over the place—I like everything from classic rock to bossa nova—but I should say I'm a pretty big fan of Lady Gaga and The Weeknd. If these two had a four-way with Daft Punk and somehow conceived a baby with all their DNA (and that baby grew up to be a millennial with social anxiety) I guess you could say that's kinda what my producing style sounds like 😜


If you're into singer-songwriter electropop, I also put out tracks as part of a duo called The Retrogradez. For all the weirdos out there that love creating music, I’m always looking to collab. So feel free to send me a DM anywhere you can find @beatcotheque or... reach out to me here.

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