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Pronounced like “discothèque”, BEATCOTHEQUE is the alias of Mexcan-born, Toronto-based music producer Alex Urdininea.

A jazz piano-player at heart, Alex’s style is inspired by masters of groove like Timbaland, Calvin Harris and Daft Punk. His tracks are driven by slick, glossy hip-hop beats under lush electronic soundscapes, and often experiment with layering synths, vocals and samples in unusual ways.


As for the musical collaborations that he spearheads as a producer, they range from sophisti-pop to alternative RnB, and highlight the vocals of diverse artists from around the world.


In 2020, Beatcotheque joined singer-songwriter Melanie Hanniman to create The Retrogradez. As a pop duo they released two singles, “Moment" and "Rainy Day Blues", and are currently recording their first EP to be released in 2021.